The Cast

This list provides brief bios, in no particular order, of the main people who star in this menagerie.  I also added two little known facts about each person that I think says a lot about them or shows an interesting facet of their personalities that might not be apparent elsewhere in this blog.  This list in no way encompasses everyone that might be mentioned in my posts, but hopefully it will provide a quick reference for the reoccuring characters.  It will probably grow as this blog does and I continue to move and meet new people.

Me  —  I’m in my mid-twenties, recently married to a military officer, and finishing my Masters degree in Military History.  I deal with depression and anxiety, but I’m getting better every day.  For more detail about that, check out the About page.  On a personal level, I love small things.  If it’s miniaturized, it’s somehow way cuter.  I into home makeover shows, foodie shows, wedding shows…they’re all good.  I don’t like to drive and avoid it at all costs.  I don’t even have a license.  I like to cook, cross stitch, and be active outside.

 Two things I’m hesitant to admit:

1.  I have no athletic ability.  I’m clumsy, have no depth perception, and no rhythm.  It’s so bad it’s embarrassing, yet I’ve always considered myself a tomboy.

2.  I’m getting more interested in fashion, especially shoes.  I love lingerie and fancy undergarments.  I credit my husband for the change by helping me feel beautiful and feminine just the way I am.

DH (Dear Husband)  —  DH is a newly commissioned officer in the military after graduating from a military university.  He’s also in his mid-twenties.  DH is outgoing, charismatic, and the life of any party.  He’s a sexy Latino, and is equally proud of his Latin heritage as his *Howdy* background.  He is built like a mini linebacker and is freakishly strong.  He loves video games, Shakespeare, rock climbing, good food (especially Asian), and sleeping way into the morning.

Two things you’ve got to know:

1.  DH is super attached to his cell phone.  He always has to have the best, fanciest communicating technology to keep in touch with his “peeps.”

2.  He is into slam poetry and writes some himself.  It is good (honestly), and he rarely shares it with people.

Super Rad  —  Super Rad’s my younger brother.  He’s one of the coolest people I know.  He tried college but joined the military when school wasn’t a good fit.  He’s done two tours in Iraq and is planning on going back to school once he’s back in the States and out of the military for good.  He’s in his early twenties but has seen enough to make him as old as dirt.  He’s tattooed almost from head to toe and has a lip ring.  He’s super into music and plays both regular and bass guitar.  Super Rad is also a huge movie geek and knows more about directors and screenwriters than an average person should.  He was the Man of Honor in my wedding.

The two things he should be ashamed to admit but probably isn’t:

1.  Star War is his passion, and he got a custom made Storm Trooper suit for his birthday one year.

2.  He’s super hairy when he wants to be and sometimes sports a full beard.  After he got his wisdom teeth out in high school and was still on heavy duty pain killers he found his own beard hysterical.  (Just discovering what everyone else already knew I guess…)

Red  —  Red is my bestest friend.  We’ve known each other since sixth grade and have stayed in touch over my many, many moves.  We were the Maids of Honor in each others’ weddings.  She’s also newly married and will shortly become a first time mom as well (to Mr. Red the Giant and Baby Red* respectively of course).  She has a no-nonsense personality, is super tough, and always has to be busy conquering the next mountain.  She’s always been really into clothes, make-up, and hair.  Red’s currently studying to become a nurse.  She lives 30 minutes away from the house where she grew up in Prairieville.

*Edit:  Baby Red was born healthy and will be known as Tubs of Fun.  I can’t realistically keep calling him Baby Red for his whole life, now can I?

Two things only a best friend would know:

1.  In middle school she had a huge crush on a boy until she realized he kind of looked like Leonardo DiCaprio.  It was mostly the haircut, but he was a jerk so it was probably for the best.

2.  She never shuts the bathroom door…ever.  Her philosophy is don’t look if you don’t want to see.

Cool Man Group — CMG consists of two women who have taken me under their wings and been there for me during my first deployment.  I met CMG #1 when we were filling out employment paperwork at the same time in the personnel office, and she introduced me to her best bud, CMG #2.  They’re wild.  They’re brutally honest.  They’re sarcastic.  They’re gorgeous.  They’ve been the biggest help with bringing me out of my shell while DH has been gone.

Two things that make them the coolest women at this post:

1.  CMG #1 loves to photo bomb people, so be careful.  She’ll do it every single time.  Seriously.  Every. Single. Photo. She. Takes.

2.  CMG #2 is obsessed with having a perfectly clean house and perfectly clean daughter.  The house makes it sometimes.  The daughter…rarely.  It’s hysterical to see her put everything in order and then watch her kid run through the room with leaves in her hair.

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