I am a twenty-something female searching for a voice.  Because of many things in my life, I often feel like a solitary wind chime.  I may be screaming loudly, but no sound is coming out.  I am married and am halfway through a Masters degree in military history.  I was a military kid (as was my husband), so I grew up all over the globe.  The Midwest is where I like to call home though, regardless of where we currently live.

I suffer from depression and anxiety.  I hesitate to bring it up so soon, but it is currently a central struggle for me.  I have been dealing with mental illness for years, and it’s tough to tell when it started.  I don’t currently take medication but do frequent a psychotherapist.  As many suffers could attest to, work towards a life less dictated by mental illness does not stop when the 50 minutes in the therapist’s office ends.  This blog, in part, is for me to talk aloud.  To reassure myself that I’m not alone, not upset over nothing, and still moving forward even on days when I feel at the bottom of a hole.

I am also a military wife.  My husband is a military officer on active duty.  For those unfamiliar with the lifestyle, that makes me part of the silent ranks.  The silent ranks is a term for military spouses who must sit quietly while governed by the same regulations and sacrificing no less than their soldier.  This is by no means a protest or complaint because I just as willingly signed up for this as my husband did, but hardships are clearly innate.  This blog, in part, is for me to vent my excitement, frustrations, sorrows, and worries about my military life.

Several points should be made before I go any further.

  1. My mental illness is in no way a result of being a military wife.  They obviously conflict at times as my anxiety issues make moving, deployments, etc. more stressful and the military life can often be a lonely experience, but the military is not the root cause of my depression.
  2. I am not a therapist or doctor!  My opinions are solely my own and are the result of my own experience.
  3. Because of security issues, discussion about military issues and events has to be conducted gingerly.  Often in the military spouse world, the solider is referred to as DH or DW for Dear Husband or Wife.  I will do so here as well.
  4. I do follow politics somewhat, but I am not recruiting for or advocating the military or a particular political party.  I obviously support the troops because my lovely husband is one of them, but my opinions outside that will be left out of this blog.

I am many other things as well, and I hope this blog eventually shows that.  I love to read.  I love dogs.  I (sort of) love to learn and study.  I love the outdoors.  I love museums and libraries.  I love to travel.  I love music.  I love family.  I love many, many other things that we’ll have to discover together.

Most importantly, this blog is for me.  I began to follow blogs because after a particularly rough move, I was feeling lonely and isolated.  Blogs brought me closer to people going through similar stuff.  There are many blogs I like, but I have yet to find one that perfectly describes me.  So I created one.  If my experiences can help someone else find their voice or brighten their day with a smile, maybe a laugh, then it’s even better.

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