Rain Day

Last weekend was super rainy, so I stayed home and made pickles!  My cucumber plants didn’t have quite enough to make pickles by themselves, so I supplemented with some from the farmer’s market in town.  It is even easier to make pickles than it is to make jam.  I literally put the baby down for a nap and made 9 jars of pickles while he was sleeping.  Fingers crossed that I like the seasonings I used.  And I made a few spicy jars for DH, so I don’t know if they’ll be the right spice level for him.  It’s certainly a learning year, but so far I think pickling will be added to my summer schedule from now on.

I do green beans every year, but this year was a little rough and not as many plants as I had hoped made it through harvest.  I still have a lot of beans, and froze a gallon bag full last night.  We’ve been eating them for several weeks too, so the crop won’t be horrible this year even with the slow start.

My strawberries are teeny!  I was a bit over-hopeful on them.  They are definitely plants that take at least a year to get started and do much, much better in later years.  We went and picked berries like always, and when Red was down visiting we made 55 jars of jelly!!

I also have tomatoes and green peppers.  I plucked the early blooms from the pepper plant, and the peppers I’m getting are robust and gorgeous.  I did the same for the tomato plant, and I’m getting small, golf ball tomatoes.  Clearly it’s not a fool proof strategy, but I am actually getting tomatoes this year so I consider that a plus.

My potato bucked that I got from Wal-Mart worked!  I got potatoes that we roasted for supper one day.  I absolutely going to plant more, but I don’t think I’ll pay for Wallly’s bucket again.  I can either reuse the one I have or I heard of a way to grow potatoes in those reusable fabric shopping bags that sounds easy.

I have my seeds to start germinating them inside here one of these days soon so they’ll be ready for my raised garden!  I’m so freaking excited.

Fellow Bloggers

One of my job duties at work is to create bibliographies of sources that students can use when researching (mostly different battles).  I was working on a recent battle from 2009 in Afghanistan, and obviously there’s not a ton out there yet since it was so recent.  Surprisingly, the most valuable sources of information were mil bloggers who were present during the attack.

I was super excited!  This community is fantastic, and I’m so proud and in awe of the great things we can accomplish scattered around the world in constant transit.  I loved seeing  social media used for something positive rather than only hearing about yet another OPSEC violation on Facebook.

It also got me thinking of how it’s changing scholarship.  I wasn’t quite sure how to cite a blogger, especially an anonymous one.  Anonymity sort of goes against the core of historical research, and blogging is so informal that in my gut I don’t feel like it’s a trustworthy source.  Yet what is more accurate and valuable to the historical record than a person writing exactly where they were, what they thought, and what they felt while getting attacked by RPGs?

I’m so conflicted yet so excited for being apart of this change as a blogger but, more importantly, as a scholar.  Geeze, I’m such a nerd.