Baby Update–Almost There

We’re about a month out now (shorter if my crossed fingers work at all), and we’re all doing really, really well.  Health-wise, we’re still both perfect and tolerating things really well.  My poor feet are suffering the most at this point.

My co-workers threw me a baby shower last week, and it went really well.  I begged out of my friend throwing me one, but I couldn’t get out of one at work.  I was so proud of myself for being social and happy and not letting my anxiety ruin the evening.  It was a good night and very exhausting.

Last weekend I got the tags off everything and washed the cloth items.  I couldn’t believe I have 4 loads of laundry!  That’s insane.  Beebs is like a sack of potatoes.  I don’t know how a sack of potatoes needs 4 loads of laundry to survive.

DH and I decided to try g diapers.  They’re super cute eco diapers.  I like the idea of cloth diapers and their environmental friendliness, but I don’t want to be touching and rinsing and dealing with poo any more than I have to.  G diapers can be used as cloth diapers or you can get the cotton insert part of a regular diaper to put into the cloth outer layer.  Then you toss or even flush the insert instead of washing a cloth pad.  We aren’t committed forever to them, but we really like the idea and want to see if it’ll work for us.  I’ll let you all know how they turn out as it goes.  I should take a picture of them, because I love how they look.  They are so colorful and cute.  I researched at but bought them at which has everything you can imagine for babies.

Anyhoo, we still need a crib and a car seat.  So…only the two most important things.  It’s on the list for when DH gets home.  I couldn’t make up my mind and really couldn’t handle such huge symbols of baby-dom until recently.  Speaking of which, my prenatal depression is doing alright.  I’m still on medication and going to therapy once a week, but I’m doing good.  My extremes are gone, and I’m almost sorta close to being excited about being a month away.  I’m feeling like I want to pull in and hibernate until the baby comes.  I really want DH to come home already and take over the house.  Soon.

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