Baby Almost 6

Hola Bloggity Peeps!

I don’t quite know why that greeting was needed, but it felt right.

I figured I should try and do a beebs update since it’s been awhile.  It’s not that I’m lazy with posting, (although I sorta am) it’s that there’s nothing interesting to report.  It’s still in there.  It’s moving like crazy, although it can tell when it’s DH’s hand and he goes into stealth mode.  My underwear ceased to fit weeks ago.  So far we’re both healthy and complication-free.  It’s the most uninteresting pregnancy ever.  No weird cravings or anything.  It’s down-right boring.

We had our big ultrasound about a month ago.  He looked like the cutest little thing ever!  DH found out the gender, but he’s sworn to secrecy.  We have names mostly nailed down, and I’ve been walking around saying “he,” but it’s mostly because saying “it” is weird.

The good news is I literally just got back from the chiropractor!  On a whim I decided to go with DH to his adjustment this afternoon, and the pediatric chiro was working.  Ahhhh!!!!  It’s like angels came out and a little golden light when on over his head.  Plus, it’s a military only chiro, so the prices are totally affordable.  Military insurance does not cover chiropractic care, and this place opened up a few months ago right off post especially for military families.  Treatments are less than $20!  That’s huge when typical chiro prices for established customers tend to be $50-$75.  My hips and low back are smiling right now.  I can’t wait for lil beebs to get here because I will be taking him.  I totally plan on being a regular customer for these last few months too.  I will single-handedly keep this place in business.

Besides that, my main issue is me.  The baby’s fine.  My back is now fine.  Mentally, I’m dragging my feet on adjusting.  We haven’t bought a single thing for this beebs yet.  I just can’t seem to do it.  It feels weird even though I’d obviously be waddling up to the check out at this point.  I’m finding so much anxiety about buying the wrong thing.  How can I know what he’s going to like or want when I haven’t met him yet?  Things are so expensive for babies!  I am paranoid about investing in baby items that I don’t need.  And there’s so much of it, and one thing leads to something else.  It’s amazing how stores and books and commercials make it seem like you will not survive if you don’t have product x, but as a potential parents, you are so freaked that you will believe anything.  So you’re convinced you must have product x, and then there’s only 15,000 choices of product x, but choose carefully because the wrong one might have BPA or some fatal recall that will doom your kid to pigeon toes and bad gas mileage forever!!  It’s amazing how quickly I can be reduced to tears in the rubber-coated spoon aisle of a BabysRUs.

My solution has been teensy baby steps to the point that I’m pretty much ignoring that my house is void of impending babydom evidence.  I have been staying away from reading about pregnancy because I don’t want to stress, and those books are designed to do nothing but send you into a panic about just about everything.  I did find a pretty great book with a worksheet for buying for babies at the library, so I’ve modified that.  I have made list of the absolute bare essentials and things that I’m 100% sure I want for comfort, their estimated cost, and suggested quantity.  That in itself is a big step forward.  I’ve started looking online to compare big ticket items like strollers and cribs too.  Now I have to actually put the plan into action.  Thank goodness I have three months to procrastinate, and my mom is visiting next month.


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