New Job Minus Stupid People

I’ve been at the new job for just about a month now, and I wanted to put down some of my thoughts.

The job is nice.  Really nice.  It’s at the academic library on post and serves mostly captains going to school in a six month course.  I’m officially a contractor, which  means the government hired an outside, civilian company to provide manpower for certain jobs like mine.  It’s nice yet weird.  I have bosses in triplicate.  Some of my co-workers doing the same job are government employees, meaning they have different bosses, paydays, and dress codes.  I get great benefits and pay.  I’m treated like an important employee, valued for my knowledge and skill.  It’s all so foreign compared to MWR.  But when the company’s contract for this particular job runs out, I’m cut loose.  The company has to re-bid to the government to get the chance to provide manpower again.  Anyone can be the lowest bidder.  I’m ok with the situation because I probably won’t be living here when the contract runs out, but it’s still a weird position to be in.  I like my co-workers though.  They’re all sane and drama-free.  I’ve transitioned into working with the team really easily, and I’m loving it.

It’s still a library.  I do a lot of shelving and checking out books and cataloging new items just like the other job.  Libraries, regardless of who they serve, are fairly similar.  I’m still finding it much slower to adjust than I thought however.  These customers don’t ask me pens or directions.  They don’t continually jam the copier.  They are wonderful, courteous, intelligent human beings.  It’s lovely.  It’s refreshing.  And it really highlights how jaded and cynical I’ve become working with the scourge of the Earth at the regular public library.  I expect and anticipate stupidity, and that makes me a little sad.

My favorite part is that this library has a large archive, and I’m getting to do original research again.  I’m helping students find primary sources for their projects.  I’m creating finding aids to help them use the archive better.  I love doing this, and I’m really, really good at it.  I was hired for my education (!!) to do exactly this.  Someone looked at my resume and transcripts and said, “damn, this girl’s brilliant and we can’t pass up her skills,” and that still boggles my mind.  I’ve been working at shitty, underpaid jobs way too long.

Anyway, the library’s been moving to a new building the last two weeks, so I haven’t even gotten a chance to do my real job very much yet.  I feel giddy that I love it this much already, and I’ve only gotten a small taste of what it’s really going to be like.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.

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