Bum Weekend

I’m so angry.

I’ve been so busy lately.  I’ve been traveling a ton.  Besides my great vacation, I went back home for two weddings and family visiting and hail storm clean up and babysitting and moving boxes.  It was an insane trip.  No rest at all but still good.  I’ve had a baby shower that I got roped into co-hosting.  My direct supervisor retired and I got roped into co-hosting her going away luncheon.  There was a cancelled court appearance for a friend’s custody hearing.  We got a new director at work, and there’s tons of drama associated with that since my co-workers are freaking worthless.  DH and I got huge news that will be forthcoming in the near future.  We had supper with my good friend and co-worker before she moved.  Factor in a hail and farewell for DH’s battalion, two upcoming field trainings, and miscellaneous late work nights/work weekends/work overnights, and there has been no laundry done, no yard mowed, no kitchen cleaned.  I’m SO stressed and ready for a weekend off.

Cut to present–DH ditched me for hanging with the guys last night before I even got home from work.  I was so looking forward to actually talking with my spouse for a change.  I woke up this morning after sleeping in for the first time in a month (!!) to find DH sick with a cold.  Weekend completely scrapped.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when men get sick it’s like the end of the world.  It drives me nuts.  I don’t get to lay on the couch for three days wallowing in used kleenex and Vicks.  I still have to cook supper and water the plants.  I’m indignant over the double standard.  It’s crap and women should rebel.

Anyway, I spent the day cleaning the shower.  Yay…  Because that’s what I’ve been waiting weeks to do.  DH is too miserable to even want to talk.  It’s supposed to pour the next three days, so I’m going to be stuck inside with sicky face.  And I feel like I was totally ditched on the one good day of the weekend in favor of gross, drunk, single dudes.  I don’t want to be angry at DH, but I’m so frustrated and bummed that my weekend that I’ve waited so long for is ruined.  I’m not good at not taking my emotions out on DH, which I know it absolutely unfair, and his patience with me is non-existent when he’s feeling bad.  Grumping at each other is not exactly what I wanted to be doing.  Hopefully grumping at you will help instead.


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