Didn’t I Just Do This?

Remember Easter?  Remember the big Easter meal and how the Army effed it all up?  Wanna do it again?

I fought so hard to get this holiday weekend off from work.  I usually work every holiday weekend, so every family four-day weekend DH gets as part of the Army’s push to emphasize “how much they care” I spend at work.  I didn’t want to waste another one.  We didn’t have any plans yet, but we were really looking forward to being together.

But that seems to be not in the Army’s best interest.  Arrggg!  I could kick the Army in the nuts right now.

DH was hijacked Thursday night, and I haven’t really seen him since.  I spent the entire day today diving back and forth between the house and his work delivering food and a change of clothes and whatever else arose.  And tomorrow, if I’m lucky, he’ll be home but sleeping off the last few days.  That leaves Monday where he may be home and awake and willing to do something.

And this was specifically designated a family weekend.  Where?!  Where is the family in this weekend?  I’m so frustrated and mad.  I know this is our life, and usually I’m totally on board, but right now I’m lonely and tired and completely wasting my holiday weekend away from my work.  Sometimes eating shitty pizza over a laptop just to be together isn’t good enough.  Sometimes “it’s better than nothing” isn’t good enough.  I know tomorrow I’ll wake up and feel amazingly less grumpy at the world, but until then I’m going to stomp around and slam cupboards…because I can.

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