Medieval Badassery

DH and I have been super busy, but the state Renaissance Fair has been sitting on our calendar for months.  Nothing was going to come up and keep us from going Medieval for a day.  I had intended on taking the camera so I could post some cool pictures…but then I forgot.  And then I forgot to take even crappy cellphone pictures because I was having such a great time, so this post isn’t going to be as great as it could have been.

The fair was about an hour and a half away, but the drive was so worth it.  The fair was just perfect.  Most of the stalls accepted Master of the Card.  The rides were human-powered meaning there were dudes turning a big wheel to make the carts or swings go around in a circle.  We saw a real joust.  Man, it looked so dangerous!  We got seated on the good knight’s side, and we dutifully cheered for him, but the dark knight, Maxmilian was so much cuter.  We shopped a little and ate a lot.  DH tried meade…and was disappointed.  There were several stages with acrobats, musicians, and comedians.  We tried to see at least a little bit of everything.  My favorite was Tartanic, a Celtic band.  I got one of their CDs, so yes, bagpipes and drums are blasting in my car right now.  The costumes were divine and totally authentic.  The price showed too.  Maybe next time I can try to get into them…if I win the lottery between then and now.  You could actually rent some for the day, but we didn’t.  You’ve got to start slowly when you’re integrating into the Dark Ages, ya know?

I don’t know if we’ll be around here for the fair next year, but it definitely set a high standard for future RenFests.


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