Maybe Next Year

I had to work Easter weekend, but DH and I still wanted a fancy holiday meal.  So yesterday I got up early, went to the store, bought ham and all its accessories, and started cooking.  DH turned up with 24 hour staff duty.  I was knee deep in pineapple glaze and deviled egg filling and DH has to work on my one day off in two weeks.  Army…you can suck it.  I grabbed my tin foil and plastic forks, packed the car with all the hot dishes, and drove into his office.  We sat for a few minutes on the steps of the building and ate.

Sometimes it makes me really sad that this is all I can have.  Sometimes I feel kinda proud that we didn’t let work ruin our plans and found time to spend together no matter how brief.  Sometimes the insanity of it all makes me laugh.  But right now I’m exhausted, and I want some time without errands and chores and work to snuggle.  It’s two or three hours of prep for a stolen fifteen minutes together.

Right now my clothes are finally clean, folded, and waiting to be put away, but my hubs is drooling his brains out asleep recovering from yesterday’s shift.  Maybe we can pencil each other in during his block leave this summer…or when we retire.


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