Green-ish Thumb

I got out in my garden this weekend and put in my vegetables for the season.  I have tomato plants and pepper plants like last year although I’m trying a different set up.  The tomato plants got a bed to themselves this year.

Hopefully it gives them more room to grow.

The pepper plants did well last year, and since they don’t get very big I put them into individual flower pots.

My beans are shooting up.  Ha!  Evidence that I can in fact make something grow!  Speaking of which, the mum I planted last fall is coming back from the winter cold.  The jury is still out on it’s success though.

I am trying herbs this year for the first time too.  I debated on whether or not to plant them inside, and I had planned on buying established seedlings instead of seeds.  …But I went to Target and they had pots on sale for a dollar and to get to those pots I had to pass the seed packet display.  I can’t pass a seed packet display without getting something.  It’s a curse.  So I got some basil, cilantro or coriander (depending on which side of the Mexican-American border your taste buds are from), and chives.  I’m excited for these guys to get big enough to use in my cooking!  If my tomatoes do well, maybe I can get some salsa out of the deal.

I also took a big risk and got some watermelon seeds because they were there and looked so enticing!  I am ridiculously excited!!  I grew some when I was a kid, and I can’t remember how they turned out, but I’m hoping for the best.  Something has to do well in this Southern weather.  I have two small beds on either side of my back porch stairs, so the watermelon is going in the one not occupied by the tomato plants.

I found some small to medium pots last summer in a second-hand store, so I planted a few snapdragons to decorate the front stoop.  It seems to be the only place not inundated with squirrel activity.  Last year entire pots turned up empty overnight around the tree by the kitchen door.  I will not be fighting that battle again.  I cannot win.

Now that I got the camera back from the pit of despair that was DH’s deployment baggage, I can post visual evidence of my future edible bounty.  Cross your fingers…


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