Hospital Saga Part Deux

Last time we visited the hospital saga, I was seeing a surgeon who was ordering tests and medication for a different problem.  Those test results came back completely fine and the medicine was horrible.  Shocker…I know.  She referred me a specialist at the military hospital who was new and hadn’t been around when I first started this whole ordeal.  I met with him right about the time DH was getting home last fall.  He had another, new diagnosis and ordered more tests.

I didn’t make those test because I went all preggo.  I figured that this whole hospital saga was just going to fade away because I certainly wasn’t going to go back to my PCM to get another referral just to see the guy again and tell him to reorder the tests when I didn’t believe in the tests to start with.  Turns out he’s not even around anymore, so I’m glad I didn’t pursue it then.

Fast forward to February.  I get a phone call to remind me of my six month follow up to my original specialist.  I had totally forgotten.  I almost canceled, but then I figured what the hey.  It’s hard enough to get appointments through this system, so I went.  I saw my doc’s PA.  I told her nothing had changed and gave her a quick sum up of the run around I’d gone through at the military hospital.  We chatted and then she said she was going to confer with my doc.

He’s back by the way, and looking as dashing as ever.  Anyhoo…the PA brought him in and we talked for awhile about how some doctors only look at numbers and see that I’m supposed to be fine while others like him see that even though the numbers say one thing, something’s not right.  Then he said he knew a guy that saw things the same way he did and whipped out his phone.  The conversation sounded something like “Hey Mike, I got a lady here who needs surgery.  Yeah?  Alright, I’ll let her know.  Wanna do lunch?”  (Seriously, this guy was making lunch plans during my appointment!)  He got off the phone and said he’ll see me in two days.  My jaw dropped to the floor.

So, skipping ahead, I’m scheduled to surgery in less than 30 days.  I don’t even know how I lost control of this whole process, but I clearly did.  I’m happy because I didn’t think we’d ever get to this point.  Finally I might see some relief.  But therein lies the problem.  Might.  This whole thing might not take away any of my pain.  Either way, I’m looking as some very big, rain-on-my-parade side effects from this surgery for the rest of my life.  I’m very worried that I’m going into something life changing at a very young age and am only shifting problem to something new.  What’s the point then?  Everyone seems to agree that at least it’s worth a shot.  I tend to go with that too, but it’s still huge.  Overweight hippo sitting on my chest huge and the clock is quickly ticking down.


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