Awkward Conversation

When a man and woman love each other…

Once a month a woman’s body releases an egg…

Sometimes a big stork will fly over a man and woman’s house…

When a man comes home from deployment and makes a lot of hasty decisions in the heat of the moment…

Yep, this Fertile Myrtle got knocked up with a true deployment baby.  How very Army of me.  We’re still in the shocked, staring at each other in horror phase.  If this isn’t a wrench into reintegration then I don’t know what is.


Back To Normal

I finally have time to sit down and write, and I’ve wanted to ever since DH got home, but now that I’m here I don’t quite know where to start.  So much and yet so little has happened…

The homecoming was wonderful.  It was the longest day ever–mostly due to a big ol’ FRG FAIL.  But really, why should they start to be helpful right at the end anyway?  I took four or five days off and enjoyed doing nothing in the same house as him again.

I’m still slugging through doctor’s appointments.  More tests…More names thrown around…No closer to an answer.  It seems like all anyone can agree on is that this problem isn’t going  anywhere anytime soon.

We bought a new car.  It’s an oh-so-sexy Dodge Charger, and I’m totally in love.  It’s blue.  It’s fast.  We still have the unreliable POS.  I tried to get rid of it.  I kicked and screamed, but it’s still in the driveway.  Clearly DH doesn’t support euthenasia.

We’ve been spending a lot of time just being together.  We run a lot of pointless errands or go out to eat or go to the gym.  I feel like I’ve been so busy.  I can’t seem to keep up with dishes which  multiply so much faster with him around, and there are dirty socks EVERYWHERE.  I did get two batches of pear butter made with all those pears I picked, and now my kitchen is sticky in ways that just aren’t natural at all.  I can’t seem to catch my favorite tv programs at all, and I keep promising myself I’ll sit down and catch up on the computer, but that isn’t happening either.  Husbands are obviously time suckers, but I don’t know how.  He’s pretty attached to his XBox, and as far as I know, that machine doesn’t require my involvement.

The weather has finally broken and it is starting to feel like fall might actually happen this year.  I’m dying to get out and enjoy it.  I planted a bright yellow mum in a pot in my front yard this morning, and it felt so good to be outside and doing something for me again.  When did free time become ironing and vacuuming time?

It’s been about two weeks, and I’m just starting to feel it.  I love having him home to talk to.  He’s adorable.  We laugh so much.  I’m eating real meals around the table again.  We’re normal.  I’m borderline sick of this normal though.  I miss my books and cross stitch and sewing machine.  I love crawling in bed with him each night, but I miss a bedtime that’s dictated by when I’m tired and not by a set time on the clock.  I’m sensing some growing pains in the near future, and maybe I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for another post on those.  For now I’d rather hold on to the post-homecoming glow.

First Day Back


I got up 45 minutes early this morning to make him eggs and toast before his first day back at work.  Guess which stage I’m in?