Suit Of Green

 I was at library training all day today.  I had high hopes.  It sounded fun, and I’ll always take an opprotunity to be away from the office for awhile.  It was hosted by the academic library here on post that works almost exclusively with a career course for soldiers.  It’s a small library, and honestly, it would melt my heart if I could work there.

Anyway, the librarians there kept calling soldiers “green suiters” in the most derogatory way I’ve ever heard.  I have never been more offended.  They aren’t wearing a “green suit.”  It’s a uniform, and they wear it proudly.  These librarians are all civilians, some having worked in military libraries for decades.  I would bet none have military spouses though.  Why look down or belittle your main customer base?

I expected better from people who work on post with soldiers everyday and see how their lifestyle stresses them and their families.  It’s not a catchy nickname, and I immediately had a bad taste in my mouth about the library and the librarians who work there.  Bad form, ladies.


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