DH has a poetic soul and a way with words that I will never achieve no matter how much I write.  And when he’s home, we like to listen to our favorite poets.  Because I’m missing him and anxious to have him home, I wanted to share a few.

Rives always tops our list.  His poems like “Kite,” “Gorgeous,” and “Girls with Guitars” are filled with humor but are such unique love poems.  His site, shopliftwindchimes (no relation 🙂 ) is neat too.  He calls him self a paper engineer because he makes pop-up books, which I think is so clever.

Taylor Mali’s poems like “On Girls Lending Pens,” “The Impotence of Proofreading,” and “What Teachers Make” show his teacher-by-day lifestyle.  “Labeling Keys” is a touching tribute to his father.  “Entire Act of Sorrow” and “For the Life of Me” are for his wife and are the most honest sentiments I’ve heard from someone who only witnessed depression.

Shihan is another poet that has beautiful love poems.  His partnership with Poetri and Black Ice is just plain funny.

Anything by Willi Perdomo is also a regular on our playlists.

But nothing sounds as good as when he reads Pablo Neruda’s “Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines” to me, especially in Spanish.  These poets are good, but my baby’s voice is all I need to make anything sound wonderful.


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