Hospital Woes

Track back a few months…my specialist, my lovely, kind specialist, is out on medical leave for an unknown period of time.  Turns out he had a stroke.  He’s doing well and is coming back to work at least part-time in the near future.  In the meantime, I have been transferred to the care of his PA.  She’s a nice lady, but she’s not a doctor and certainly not a specialist.  I’m sure she’s very capable, but I want my specialist.  I suck it up and drive on…

She put in a referral for me to go to a surgery.  Because of TriCare, I had to go see my PCM to officially get a referral for surgery.  I was frustrated because my family practice person doesn’t know much about my problem–hence the specialist.  Why should she have a say in the final decision?  I suck it up and drive on…

I make an appointment with my PCM.  She’s out, but I got an appointment with someone on her team (another PA).  Why do I have a PCM if I don’t actually need to see her and I can see anyone?  Now another PA, not even a specialized PA, is making a call in my surgery?  I suck it up and drive on….  She puts in the referral but not before noting that my test results were not bad enough for surgery even though my specialist thought otherwise.

I go to my surgical consult.  The surgeon says that my test results are normal.  She gave me new medication and scheduled more tests for a completely different problem.

No more straws and no more keys.  I don’t want to suck it up and drive on anymore.  This is ridiculous.  Why did I go to the specialist at all?  Why not let the hobo on the corner contribute to this decision?  I’m not against hearing other opinions, but at some point I want to rely on actual medical knowledge from a trained individual.  That’s what they’re getting paid for.

I don’t care anymore about what the tests say.  I’m sick of taking medication that doesn’t work.  I’m sick of going through tests that say I’m not really sick at all.  I feel bad all the time.  I’ve felt bad every minute of every day for over ten years.  I want to fix the problem now.


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  1. Wiley
    Aug 27, 2010 @ 09:36:15

    Oh no… this sounds horrible. Hang in there and raise some hell – it might not change the process but it will be cathartic! I am thinking of you and hoping to hear better news soon.


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