Homecoming Potpourri

I think the end is harder than the beginning…

I am so over waiting.  I want to be done and want to be done now.  I know it’s just a handful of weekends more, and I’m busy or working most of those weekends, but can this just move a little faster please?

We’re so close that we’re talking about “after”.  We’re making plans for block leave and wistfully talking about the first meal back.  I’m talking to my boss about days off and changes to the schedule.  I’m mentally starting to clean and straighten up the house.  I’m doing all this and I really don’t know for sure when all this will occur…I’m just guessing around a general time.  But I want whenever it’s going to be to get here now!

I’m surprised at how weepy I am.  I had my moments where it all caught up with me, but the end–the happy time–isn’t when I thought the tears would come.

The FRG meetings are coming out of the woodwork!  I haven’t met any of these women before.  We’ve actually had very few meetings, at least that I’ve been told about.  They’re here now though.  My first “coffee” was Friday night.  Socially, I’d consider it a bust although I did meet one other lady who’s as lost as I am.  I also learned how to make those fluffy yellow bows.  I didn’t think I’d care.  I didn’t think I was this nervous.  The head ladies, all who have multiple deployments under their belt and go to all unit homecomings, were talking about their banners and how they decorate and all that stuff.  I’d thought about it awhile ago, and that stuff just wasn’t important to me.  It just needs to be me and him in that hanger.

But then I made a bow.  And I saw her unfurl her hubs’ banner.

I am a little ashamed and a little excited…I bought a banner.  BuildASign.com is doing a wonderful promo for military families.  They’re giving away free signs.  You just have to pay shipping.  They’re super customizable, heavy-duty, vinyl signs.  You can upload pictures and it comes out clear.  I saw one on Friday.  I took one of their pre-designed banners and deleted just about everything on it to write my own text, so don’t feel limited to what you see.  I also bought an obscene amount of ribbon today.  I’m going bow crazy.  When you drive up to my house, you actually see the back fence first, so I think I’m going to hang the sign and decorate the fence with a ton of bows.  I want my hands free for hugs at the homecoming, but who doesn’t love a huge, embarrassing sign that all of traffic will see as they leave post?

We’ve done a lot of long distance in our relationship, so this is not our first separation.  But this is not the usual absence.  I didn’t think until Friday’s FRG meeting that this is a time to celebrate an accomplishment.  These aren’t just “We Missed You” signs.  They are “Congratulations” and “We’re Proud of You” signs.  I’ve been coming at this whole event like we were simply back to living under the same roof again.  It’s so, so much more than that.  I think that’s what makes this suddenly so overwhelming.

This post is rather disjointed, but it’s how I’m feeling right now.  I look at the calendar a dozen times a day and the time is slowing to a crawl, but my mind is racing.

And I can’t stop smiling. 🙂


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