Dear Friend…

I know we were best buds in college.  We shared many an Easy Mac meal while lamenting our plight as geographically single girlfriends and then fiances to military men.  I miss you dearly.  We were bridesmaids in each others’ weddings, and you have gone on to have an adorable, chubby baby boy.  I wish we lived closer…I really do.

I don’t want one more letter, though, about how you can’t wait for me to have my own bundle of joy.  I know you love your baby.  I love your baby.  I don’t want my own baby right now.  It’s inappropriate to keep saying it over and over, especially when my husband is half a world away.  I can’t do anything about it, it’s a personal choice, and your letters are down right boring because all I hear is about is that I have to do it as soon as possible because it’s going to make my life pure bliss.

Please, leave my uterus alone, and I’ll just enjoy your cute, wiggly baby for now.


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