Did I Hear You Correctly?

Oh, my sweet man.  I thank you for worrying.  It’s adorable.  But this woman is hard as nails.

Red and I are planning a girl’s weekend away for her birthday that’s coming up.  We don’t live near each other at all, and we want to make sure and see each other regularly.  Her birthday is just a convenient excuse.  We want to meet up in a big city, see a concert, do some shopping, and then come home.  It’s going to be quick trip, but I think we’ll have plenty of time to recharge our batteries.

It happens to fall shortly after DH gets home though.  The last time we talked on the phone I brought it up because I think he’d have a valid reason if he wanted to spend time mano e womano.  Red totally understood, and we were going to wait to book anything until after I cleared it with DH.

He wasn’t upset that I was leaving exactly.  But he did have reservations and concerns that I was going off to a city by myself.  You know…I could get taken advantage of and all.

After living alone all these months in a strange city I’d just moved to– After having the car break down multiple times and dealing with mechanics–  After getting a job, meeting people, and making friends he’s never met–  After dealing with a broken air conditioner and a flooded basement–  After planning, traveling, and attending my graduation thousands of miles away–  this quick trip to a city I’ve been to before with my best friend in the whole world is worrisome.

It must have been a bad connection.  Static on the line perhaps.  I just know he did not assume I couldn’t do this one vacation.  He’s going to be meeting a whole new rock solid woman when he comes home if he thinks he needs to worry about this.

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