What A Welcome

So I’m back.  The flights were uneventful:  slightly delayed combined with screaming children and me in a lot of pain–closer to the norm than I care to admit.  I stayed in a hotel overnight at the airport and drove the two hours back home early this morning.  I picked up the dog who has been so excited to be home.  The kennel always makes him so tired.  He’s such a sweet pea.  I ran to the pharmacy and was at work by lunch.  No rest for the weary.  I really expected to catch up on my rest over residency week.  Boy, I was dead wrong.

I was so focused on getting my chores done before I got to work that I didn’t notice until about mid day that at some point while my car was parked at the airport someone plowed into the passenger side.  I didn’t leave for the hotel until 12:30 in the morning.  It was too dark to see, and I was focused on getting to the nearest bed as fast as possible.  Got the last room in the closest hotel but missed the mangled plastic and metal that was my front fender.  Fantastic.  So now what do I do?  Do I spend probably quite a bit of money to fix an entirely cosmetic problem for a few months or do I drive an absolute eye sore until DH comes home?  The car is on its last leg.  I just didn’t think it would get beaten with un ugly stick on its deathbed too.

This car is going to drive me to the loony bin faster than any mental illness ever will.  What a crappy way to end a fantastic week.  I was so proud of myself for planning and implementing such a huge trip with absolutely zero freak outs.  I rented a car and drove said foreign vehicle around an unfamiliar city.  I even paid the stupid rental insurance because I didn’t trust myself.  Instead my parked car thousands of miles away is what I should be focused on.  Geeze.  Murphy, what is it about this car that you love so much?

When I get unpacked, showered, the fridge restocked, and maybe even rested I’ll catch up with life again.


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  1. Wiley
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 07:08:20

    Don’t bother getting the car fixed. It’s like plastic surgery – money for nothing 😉
    Glad you got home ok, though. Just take care of yourself now that you are home.


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