Squares Of Absolute Declicious Perfection

My mom and brother are visiting for a long weekend.  I’m very excited.  Not just because I haven’t seen them since Christmas—I get to cook!

I was joking the other day with one of my coworkers whose husband is also deployed that cooking for one person gets rough after awhile.  We traded stories about stretching a half box of cereal for a week so we didn’t have to go the store and how our freezers are filled with single bagged chicken breasts.  We even laughed how we get excited about cooking for other people just because it’s a reason to get a complete meal in normal proportions.  It’s so true.  I use their visit as an excuse to make a dessert I’ve been wanting to try for awhile.

Cheesecake Brownie Yummies!

I saw this recipe on the cover of Family Circle magazine at work.  I think it’s May’s issue, but I’m not sure about that.

I had never attempted cheesecake before, but I must say, I’m awesome.  It turned out so good.  My portions are way bigger than the magazine suggests (hehe), but it’s so rich that I’ve shared with my friends and coworkers and still have plenty for my mom, Super Rad, and I this weekend.

The recipe is long, and I don’t feel like typing it out right now.  If you want, just holler and I’ll post it or send it to you.  And it’s available on the magazine’s website too.

Seriously, don’t skimp on the fresh berries.  They really balance the rich brownie on the bottom.

I’ll let you all know about the visit in a few days…I’m going to so enjoy my time off work.


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  1. Wiley
    May 28, 2010 @ 04:12:23

    Have a great break with your fam! I hope you all spoil each other and have bunches of fun 🙂


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