A Losing Battle

This is my first residence where a:  it’s single family and I’m not sharing with in-laws, extended family, roommates, or friends and b:  I have a yard and am not stuck in an apartment building.  I’ve made it my mission to garden and plant and enjoy my square of dirt to the fullest this summer.

It took me ages, but I picked up some flower pots and my local thrift store and now have flowers on both my front and side stoops.  I have hanging flowers on hooks near my mailbox.  I have small pots of greenery on my fireplace mantle and on my stair landing.  I have onions, garlic, peppers, and tomatoes in plots off the back porch, and green beans going crazy in the front yard where it’s shadier.  In the next week or so I’m planning on putting bushes and maybe flowers around a tree off the corner of the house.  On paper it sounds like I’ve got it all together.

Between the squirrels, dog, weeds, and freakish vines, I’m barely hanging in there.  It’s vicious out there!

I have harvested green beans already.

They’re delicious!  I sort of anticipated it, but I’m going to have way more veggies than I can eat very, very soon.  My first crop of beans is about a week’s worth of portions if I ate them every night.  Would it be polite to send my neighbors notices that they are soon going to be inundated with home-grown veggies now or should I just assume it will be a pleasant surprise?

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  1. Wiley
    May 26, 2010 @ 05:44:59

    Man, those green beans look good – I wish I was your neighbour!


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