I am running on fumes.  April has not been kind to me.  My to-do list just keeps getting longer, and it seems like no matter how many items I cross off the list, it keeps growing at exponential speed.  I’m just holding my breath until May gets here because I need a good long rest.

Really, I just want a partner again.  I want to be able to say “I’m too busy to grab laundry, can you do it?”  Or “Make sure and pick up milk on the way home.  I’m working late and we’re out.”  Holding the weight of the to-do list all on my own is starting to stress me out big time.

Someone mowed my back lawn yesterday while I was at work.  Thank you.  It’s something little like that that helps me hang in there.

It’s also the reason I wanted to live on post.  The community rallies around those in need exactly at the right time.  Again, thank you Anonymous Lawn Mower.  I cannot tell you what it meant to me.


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  1. Wiley
    Apr 24, 2010 @ 08:07:37

    Hang in there!
    I left you an Honest Scrap award on my blog. Hope that lifts your spirits a touch. 🙂


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