Mabel Stark

I just’s been awhile since I finished The Final Confession of Mabel Stark by Robert Hough, but I still wanted to share.  I picked it up at a used bookstore here in town before DH left. 

Mable was a real person, a tiger tamer in the circus world in the first half of the twentieth century.  Robert Hough’s book is a fictional biography of Stark, although the most salacious parts of the book turn out to be true.

Mable Stark was a really good read overall.  It went fast but appropriately dwelled on all the right, juicy parts.  The book jumps through time to cover Stark’s life out of sequence, and occasionally it is difficult to tell what time period you’re in.  Overall, however, it made for a more interesting read.  It has a seemingly abrupt ending, but it too felt appropriate for the book and Mable Stark’s life.  It could possibly be considered a surprise ending, but after going through Stark’s life with her, I couldn’t image it any other way.

It was an incredibly entertaining text and left me in awe that anyone could have such a fantastic life.  Hough’s writing captured the essence of Stark superbly, enhanced the story, and without his personal touch, the books would have a completely different text entirely.  I highly recommend it for your future reading lists.

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