New Job!

It’s true.  I’m officially employed.  Not only am I working, but I’m working in the post library!  I’m really excited and maybe a little nervous.  It’s been awhile since I’ve worked regularly and have not had this type of library job before.  It’s going to be so fun learning something new, meeting my coworkers, and working everyday again.

The pay is less than stellar bordering on down right horrible, but I really don’t care right now.  I’m working, which in this economy I’m incredibly happy about, and it’s in a job I am so excited to be doing.  I am so incredibly lucky.  Plus since it’s in a library, weekend and evening shifts are shared.  I’m going to be able to be able to keep volunteering in town fairly regularly, which I’m thrilled about too.  It’s super close to the house–I could walk if I wanted.  Once DH is back that’s going to help out a lot because we’re a one car family.

So far I’ve been doing a lot of orientation and training.  It’s long and boring, but I’m meeting a lot of really cool people.  I’m a little bummed that I won’t be working with any of these people on a regular basis, but it’s always nice to have friends tucked away places.  I’m feeling confident about being so social, and that’s helping a lot.  I have been able to go to my actual job and meet some of my co-workers already.  I think I’m really going to like it.  I’ve heard warnings that it’s a drama-heavy working environment, so that should be interesting.

I came home on my first day dead tired.  I’m still trying to get over this nasty infection, and after talking tons and running around, the coughing had just wore me out.  I got home and the dog was going crazy from getting supper late and being ready for his nightly walk.  I was getting weak-kneed from being hungry.  Between cooking supper, washing the dishes, handling the dog, and sorting the mail and bills, I was a little strung out.  I just wanted a helper.  It was overwhelming, and but a bit of a damper on my first day.  The personnel office here didn’t handle the initial stuff that well in my opinion.  I didn’t realize I was going to be gone all day, and they only gave me two days notice that I was hired and needed to come in for paperwork.  I didn’t have much going on, but a lot of people do.  A lady that I in-processed with had a different job that she had to juggle plus multiple kids’ school/child care, and surgery to work around this abrupt appointment.  For me, it wasn’t the best way to handle it.  It felt too sudden and really made me doubt it I was going to be able to handle working full time again.  I’ve been doing so good without job related stress, but I can’t tell if it’s time or the lack of responsibilities that are helping.  This job is not going to be that hard, and, in a way, is quite below my education level.  I’m not trying to brag.  I have always wanted to work in a library in some capacity, and the convenience factors vastly outweigh the other factors right now.  If I can’t handle this job, am I ever going to be able to deal with something that challenges and fulfills me?

The good thing about this job is that if it does feel like too much, I don’t have any issues walking away from it.  It provides no benefits.  I don’t even accrue vacation time.  The pay is not going to add so much to our household income that I’d feel bad about giving it up.  I really don’t want to go here already.  Despite these negative thoughts, I am really am excited about working again.  I’m thrilled to be doing something I’m interested in.  Once DH comes home, I’ll have another set of hands to help out with the dog and supper.  Plus I’ll have someone to vent to when my day is horrible and relax with as I get out of my work clothes in the evening.  Sigh…the blissfully wonderful aspects of a perfectly ordinary life.


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