Are My Unemployed Days Coming To An End?

I had an interview this morning.  It went alright.  My interview got hijacked.  I got there on time, but the interviewer was already busy with the candidate that was scheduled after me.  She had gotten there over 30 minutes early to her interview.  Who does that?  I waited and took the next slot, but how bad does that look for me?  It made it seem like I was late, which I wasn’t.  I did a ton of research for interview, which paid off.  I knew so much about the program, and I could see that she wasn’t expecting that.  I had also spend a lot of time thinking of questions to ask beforehand, and she liked that I had good, substantial questions once I was there.  Hopefully she got the impression that I had ideas to make the program work and could be proactive in the position.  My education isn’t directly in the field in question, but maybe I sounded brilliant and capable anyway.  My interview went way longer than that stupid interview hijacker’s–less laughing but more serious discussion about the job.  Hmm…I don’t know.  At my last job I was told that I interviewed very badly, so my confidence was shaken before I even went in today.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m torn.  On one hand, this job would double our household income.  My mind goes to all the stuff we could do with that extra money.  DH and I have been thinking about maybe making some big changes in the next few years, and although we’re doing just fine on just one income, a couple years of padding our savings and paying down student loans would be amazingly beneficial.  It’s hard to justify to myself just sitting here doing nothing too.  If I had a good reason like finishing school or raising kids I could believe that my job at home was important.  But I’m not doing those things.  I’m volunteering to stay busy, but too big of a chunk of my days are spent in front of the tv doing nothing productive.

On the other hand, I could wait for a job that might be closer to my career goals.  Not knowing that I was going to be given an interview, I sent in my application for a curatorial internship with a local art museum a few days ago.  I won’t know about it for awhile, and it might be paid.  This is my last chance for an internship since I’m ending my educational career for now.  Plus even if it wasn’t paid, it would give me experience as a curator and in the art world.  BIG pluses for the career path.  But do I wait to find out about it?

There might be a happy medium.  At the interview this morning it came out that the job would be a lot to mostly evening hours.  My gut said “yuck!” but it might work out.  I could juggle an internship a few mornings a week over the summer while working full time in the evenings.  I would be totally burnt out at the end of the summer,  but I could make some serious money and get the museum experience I want.  At least it would be all while DH is gone, so I wouldn’t be missing out on any cuddle time at home.

I don’t know if I even want this job.  I was on the fence at the beginning, but I learned some details about it that sort of turned me off to the job.  They need someone to completely start a program, and the job description in no way indicated that it wasn’t an established position.  Yuck.  Talk about an uphill battle and a lot of extra hours.  Thinking positively, I might be able to tailor my work schedule and flow since there aren’t preexisting expectations.  Thinking negatively, I have to completely carve out my own space among everyone else’s preexisting work flows.  That’s not always easy because people hate change.

This is a job.  A decent paying job for my education level.  It’s sort of in the education field, so I could twist it to help my museum goals but it would support education rather than research and curating in museums.  It would expand and grow my abilities as an employee.  But is it the job for me?  Would I like this job?  I’m not so sure.  Could I do it and do it well?  Maybe.  I don’t want to jump at it simply because it pays.  Is it horrible to wish just a little bit that they don’t offer me the position so I don’t have to make this decision myself?  I wish I could talk to DH and bounce these ideas off him.


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