My Rant For Today

I catch the Daily Show fairly regularly because, well, Jon Stewart is effin’ brillant and it’s darn funny.  Last night he tackled the weighty subject of gays in the military, and I believe he did an outstanding job of showing just had ridiculous this nation’s attitude is.

And since I’ve messed around for over an hour and can’t get the video embedded correctly, here’s the link.

Then this morning I get this news article waiting for me in my email.  How incredibly refreshing and hopeful.

When I worked at Target last year, I worked with a man in his sixties who did over twenty years in the Air Force.  He was also gay.  He and his partner had been together over thirty years, but it wasn’t until he started working for Target that they could openly be together and get health insurance for each other.  First off, kudos to Target.  They have an awesome, equal benefits package and really care about every single employee regardless of how many hours you work.  They work very hard to encourage diversity at their stores and in the communities the work in, promote education and community service, and they even help adopting parents with funding the legal process.  You don’t often find companies so willing to do the right thing.  Secondly and more on topic, the very nice, hard working man had to wait until he was retired and working part-time at a  store’s jewelry counter to get health insurance for his partner.  What’s wrong with our government if they can’t give the same courtesy to men who are willing to die to protect the nation?

Even as a spouse of a person in the military, I don’t feel comfortable being openly bi-sexual for fear that my spouse’s career with suffer.  When the government asks people to join the military, they are asking them to put the safety of the nation above everything else in their lives including their own well being.  Gays and lesbians are just as capable of that as heterosexual people.  If the nation wants to rely on an all volunteer force, they shouldn’t be turning away willing men and women who want to serve.

And that’s how I feel about that.


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