Kneading Some Lovin’

I tried my hand at making bread today.  My mom gave me super sweet Kitchen Aid mixer a couple years ago, and now I finally have both the counter space and time to use it.  (We always call it the John Deere because it’s big and well, we’re Midwesterns and we’re weird like that.)  I got out all my attachments and spent all day…mostly waiting.  Ha!  The mixing and baking don’t take that long, but waiting for the dough to rise is a couple hours.

The bread came out pretty good.  The smell of yeast is still floating around my kitchen.  It wasn’t that pretty–certainly not store quality–but it tasted divine.  I’ve been itching to try making bread, which has gotten worse since we’ve gotten used to our commissary and found out they don’t sell bread we like.  The recipe made two loaves, so I froze one for next week.  Next time I do the recipe, I think I’m going to tweak the flour amount because this batch was super sticky.  More sticky than it should be.  I got dough places that it ought not be…trust me.

I would have to consider this baking experiment a success.  It didn’t come out perfect, but it was more than edible.  I think in an effort to keep myself interested in cooking and eating somewhat normally while DH is gone, I’m going to try new recipes fairly regularly.  I can freeze parts for later in most cases, but I might find a few new yummy treats that I can send in DH’s care packages or make for him when he gets home.  I’ll try and post my successes and failures in the cooking world as they happen.  Is that too Julie and Julia?  I haven’t seen the movie, I swear.


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