Final Review

I finally got my thesis back from my advisor with all the edits.  I’ve been so anxious to get finished with the whole thing because that would mean I’ve completed my MASTERS people!  The whole hiccup with my crappy advisor put me behind, but a cracked rib and medications that made my new advisor too loopy to read added significant delays too.  All that doesn’t matter though because it’s finally back in my hands.  It’s been over two months, and I haven’t looked at it once.   I had my mother edit it too.  She’s a professional editor, and another set of eyes, non-historian ones at that, could always help.  I’m going to sit down over the next couple days and reread it.  I want to compare the comments and see what needs rewriting.

The good news is that my advisor made minimal corrections.  There were very few issues with content and absolutely nothing wrong with the main points of my paper.  I’m feeling confident that I’ve produced an original body of quality research at the graduate level.  My advisor even suggested that my argument could be expanded to include other events in American history, which I feel means that my argument holds water.  Mission accomplished!

As much as I was sick of this topic, looking at the research, and ready to chuck the whole paper out the window by the time I was finished with my draft, I really like what I chose to write about.  I examined the relationship between the postal service and the military that developed to meet the needs of an expanding Western frontier that were not provided by a fiscally conservative federal government.  It sounds so dry, but that’s only because I have to describe fifty pages in one little sentence.  It really is a cool paper, and the research was fascinating.  I see why people get so invovled with their graduate reseach and end up turning it into a book.  I could easily extend the argument to World War I and the American territories overseas.  If someone wanted to pay me for all the research and writing for a book, I’d be over the moon!  Seriously, I would consider retiring because I’d have accomplished everything I could ever want.  Maybe I should set my sights a tad lower and think about finishing my final draft and actually getting to commencement first.

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