Mr. Deployment, You Play Dirty

Everyone else is sending out fuzzy holiday wishes, but unfortunately I’m going to have to pass.  Mr. Deployment has ruined my Christmas.  DH got orders two days ago to meet up with his deployed unit very, very soon.  Right after the New Year, he’s leaving for two weeks to train up and then he’s gone.

We knew this was coming.  We’ve been preparing and discussing and doing all those pre-deployment things while we were moving in.  We actually got more time than we thought we would together.  I just don’t see why the Army feels like it has to do this now.  What was the point of giving us dates so close to Christmas?  Why couldn’t it wait until Monday?  Because now this stupid deployment has upstaged my family arriving and the gift giving and the food eating.  My new house and new furniture are old, boringness at this point.  Instead we’re busy with all the phone calls that have to be made to everyone letting them know.  The packing list has already arrived in my kitchen and gear has crept out of the basement.  Lists of more gear have been started.  Arrangements for DH’s parents to come in for the departure have already begun.  Where is my Christmas?!

I want to punch Mr. Deployment in the face.  I hate him for stealing my husband away.  I want to be angry, kicking and screaming about how unfair this is.  DH’s head is full of packing lists right now (rightly so, but it’s still crappy), so there’s no room for letting me through a tantrum.  I’m supposed to switch into self-reliant mode I guess.  I just want to get comfort when I’m scared and lonely.  Maybe a year from now when he’s home…if he’s home.  I feel like I just did this.  This apart thing just ended.  Aren’t I supposed to get the together time now?

Ugh, what a horrible way to feel during the holidays.  I was so looking forward to having my family see my new home.  Now I just want them all to leave.  Super Rad has been here for over a week now.  It’s been so great having him around, but I can tell he’s bored to tears.  We’re not even two years apart, but the age difference feels huge this time.  DH and I can spend all day with errands and house stuff and feel like we’ve accomplished so much.  We were giddy when our furniture got delivered last Friday.  Super Rad is bored unless he’s going to bars and hitting on girls.  Grocery shopping isn’t even a necessity on his list yet.  I’m not big on entertaining, so he’s been sitting here twiddling his thumbs.

My parents got here yesterday.  They brought my dog, which is good timing since it looks like we’re going to be on our own soon.  I’ve been getting the house dogified, and he seems to be getting comfortable in his new digs.  When DH unwraps his gift, I’ll post pictures of my handsome battle buddy.  Oh, and the house!  My parents are appropriately impressed with my house, so I’m happy.  It finally feels like a home with all the furniture they brought and the new stuff.  We’re cozy and perfect…and then Mr. Deployment goes and effs it all up.  Fan-flippin-tastic.

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