Protecting My Own

For a very, very brief time I contemplated and tried being a reporter for the Examiner.  It’s an online site for local news on all sorts of stuff.  It sounds like a really cool opportunity to write about stuff I like.  I got placed as the Fort X Military Marriage Examiner.  Alright.  Sounds great.  I’m so on board.

I write my first couple articles, and it’s a little harder than I thought.  It’s newsy articles, so no first person.  I’m not really used to writing like that about the military,  but I gave it a go.  My problem came when my “manager” started reviewing my articles.  What the heck does he know about my situation?  What can he contribute about being a military spouse or how the military affects a marriage?  I got fiercely protective of my fellow military spouses and our lifestyle.  We’re a select group of people, and outsiders aren’t always welcome.

Long story short, I gave it up.  This blog is a better venue for me to share my opinions, feelings, and news on that topic than an online newspaper.  I’m too close to the issue right now to write impartially.  Perhaps I’ll try it again on a different topic because although I know military marriages, I can’t dispassionately separate raw emotion from fact right now.  It was a good idea gone bad.


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