Local Culture

I’ve lived a lot of places, and I always try to learn about if not assimilate into the local culture.  I think for military families, being seen as an outsider is really high up on the list of horrible things.  We know that to some extent we’re always going to be outsiders.  We move a lot.  We have a lot of weird military habits that don’t usually fit in.  But we do try and appear to be as local as possible, and for the most part, we’re pretty good at it.  I don’t want to brag, but I’ve seen if not lived in so many different cultures that I can usually pick out what region a person is from no matter where in the world it is.  I know what you’re thinking…super power?  Maybe.

My new community, however, has some really weird idiosyncracies.  People here are super impatient.  They are so impatient that many people won’t wait for red lights.  They get tired of waiting for the light to change and just go.  I’m flabbergasted.  Doesn’t this seem weird since I’m in the South where life moves a little slower?  And of all things, traffic laws seem like a biggie to follow.  You’re putting everyone else at that intersection at risk when you do that.  They don’t even run it a little after it’s turned from yellow.  They do it after they’ve been sitting at a red light for a few minutes and then decide to go before  it turns to green.  How odd.  It’s so prevalent that it’s included in the post safety briefing.  I think this is one custom that I’m going to be avoiding.


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