My Stuff

DH and I’s last house (not counting the hotel room during his training) was a one bedroom apartment.  It would be a stretch to call it 600 square feet.  It had one closet in the living room, one bathroom in the kitchen, and one bedroom with no windows or heat vents.  We lived an hour from Canada.  The heat vents were critical.  I had four different piece of linoleum and bright orange countertops in the kitchen.  We lived above the pharmacy, and the view from our living room was of the Chinese restaurant in town.  Clearly, we weren’t living in style, but the little place was ours.  It was the first place we got together after we got married, and we could afford it all on our own.  I’ll always think of it fondly because we both did a lot of learning in that little home.

The place was so snug, though, that we needed very little furniture.  We knew we were going to be entering military life soon, so we opted for cheap, semi-disposable pieces rather than decent furniture that we couldn’t get into the little place anyway.  The result was that DH and I are closing in on anniversary #3, and we don’t have much “stuff.”  This house is so empty.  We had to do a lot of our big, just-married purchasing now, and we don’t really have the funds to fully furnish a house this size.  We got the basics, but many things will have to wait.  We’re fine with this, but it does feel like our home is more than a little bare.

Coincidentally, my parents are downsizing right now.  They’re moving into a condo to reduce their yard responsibilities and to be able to travel more before they’re oldies.  They want to get rid of some things and (bless them) are willing to haul it all down to us when they come at Christmas.  We’re acquiring a grill, living room chair, dresser, bookcase, lawn mower, fake Christmas tree, and dog among other things.

This is a huge help to us and our budget because we don’t have to buy so many things right now but our home feels more lived in.  I’m worried that our home is going to feel hodge-podged though.  I want it to feel like it’s all meant to be in our home and not picked up from a garage sale.  Some things need serious painting, but I want to paint a few other things anyway.  I also worry that DH won’t feel like it’s his stuff.  I’m kind of looking forward to having some comforting furniture around me.  Some of these pieces have moved with me since I was a tiny kid.  When it’s the only consistency you have, seeing the same bookcase or dining room hutch no matter where you live means a lot.  These things don’t hold the same feelings for DH though.  I don’t want him to look at them and see my parents’ home.  I want him to see our home.

Do men even care, or are these just worries of a crazy woman?  I’m just thankful that we’re collecting furniture for our home cheaply, and that this stuff can continue being used by someone who loves it.

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