For Our Boys

The Dixie Pin-Up For Our Boys calendar was launched this weekend.  The brainchild of Tess Crosby, a military wife herself and Ms. October, the calendar displays traditional 1940s-style pin-up girls with vintage aircraft.  The project was inspired by the pin-up girls that were painted on the sides of airplanes to boost morale during the Second World War.  All the proceeds from calendar sales go to the Wounded Warrior Project, which is dedicated to raising awareness, aid, and services for severely injured soldiers returning from the war, and to print more calendars.

The best thing about the calendar is that it features real women– real wives, girlfriends, fiancés, and loved ones of men currently serving.  Arguably, the calendar will benefit such military spouses more than it will the wounded soldiers it is raising money for.  The twelve women are gorgeous.  With their hair, make-up, and costumes being professional styled and donated, their pictures are stunning.  It seems like a small gesture, but it is incredibly important when long deployments make them feel isolated, frazzled, and angry.

It also helps all military spouses feel involved and vital to a large, often abstract and all-consuming war machine.  Left at home, it is easy to feel like all the work is being done elsewhere, and the vague notion of “supporting the troops” is limited to sending toilet paper and homemade cookies overseas.  This calendar is a reminder that military spouses are an amazingly useful, resourceful, and critical part of the military’s war efforts.

Kudos also go out to the soldiers who were comfortable with their wives and girlfriends looking so sexy on hundreds of calendars while they are thousands of miles away.  I know my DH would not be cool me looking so delicious for anyone but him, espcially while he’s gone.  But it did give me an awesome idea for a birthday gift while he’s deployed.  Dixie Pin-Up does photo packages for us normal folks too!

You can buy the calendars online at the Dixie Pin-Up website.


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