Shopping Like It’s My Job

DH and I went shopping today for furniture.  We’re so sick of sitting on folding lawn chairs, and with  my family coming for the holidays, we desperately need somewhere for these people to sit.  Our one bedroom apartment’s furniture just wasn’t cutting it!  We took advantage of Ashley’s after-Thanksgiving sales and got some great living room and dining room pieces.

It’s comfy but doesn’t swallow you up.  It’s a little smaller–perfect for our living room and a pale shade of green.



The couch is going to match the tv table so well.  It’s got just a little slate on the front that’s got a greenish hue.  So cute!  We got an end table to match but I couldn’t find a picture of it to show you.



And finally our dining room table and chairs.  This was DH’s find, and it really grew on me.  I love the wood.  It’s so sturdy, and the two-tone wood makes it so gorgeous.

I can’t wait to get it all delivered and in my house.  I have to wait two weeks!  Ugh.  It gets delivered the day after my washer and dryer.  DH said I love spending all this money, but I have nothing to show for it.  Ha…he’s got a point.  But this is what we saved for.  So excited!!

I came home and got into curtain mode.  This house has a ton of windows!  Love the light, but geeze, I’m going to be hanging drapes for months.  DH’s man pit is getting our old apartment curtains, but I need to line them for him.  They’re a canvas material with white, red, and blue stripes.  Very manly.  And I have a set of pale green curtains with a bamboo pattern from college that I think I can alter for the guest bedroom.  I never cared for them, but they’re fairly inoffesive and will save me a few pennies in the long run.  My mom is bringing me my sewing machine when she comes to visit, so it’ll have to wait a few weeks.  My grammy is getting me curtains for the living and dining room for Christmas.  What’s that…like half the house done?  Is there any way mini blinds could be considered attractive window coverings?


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