Job Hunting

I’ve been job hunting since about a month before DH’s training finished. I’ve applied to a handful of jobs that I would actually enjoy doing, and for the most part, are in my acceptable pay range. How long do I wait though, until I start applying for any job just to be employed? I’m sort of at that point. I want a job. I want to get a paycheck again and go somewhere that’s not my house and work with other people. I want to pack my lunch and have that big sigh of relief when I finally make it home at night. But I’ve worked so hard for this degree. I want to do all those things AND use my awesome brain power. Oh, and I’d really like to do so as close to my house as possible because I hate driving.

On the other hand, I have tons of house things that I could keep myself busy with for at least another month until after Christmas. I could stay picky for a little while longer, unpack and decorate, enjoy the time with my family during the holidays, and then get desperate. Of course my fingers would be crossed the whole time hoping that I wouldn’t have to get desperate because an awesome job would come along.

But I would ideally like to have a job and a routine set before DH deploys. I think it would be less disruptive to me if I could keep a system once he’s gone. No job means no therapy or volunteering because I don’t know my availability. It also means my grandiose decorating ideas have to be put on hold because we don’t have the extra income.



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