New Home

I’m sitting here waiting for the fridge repair guy to show up at my MIL’s, so I figured I had time to finish some of those posts that I had waiting on me.

The PCS has been sucking my time away from me, but DH and I are busy but happy right now. The drive to our new duty station was uneventful. We walked in and got a house the very next day, and two days later our household goods arrived. We’ve been so lucky that the Army machine has cooperated so far!

I’m totally in love with out new home. It was built in the mid-1930s, so as a history nut I’m swooning over the old charm that our house has. DH…not so much. The hot and humid climate we’re in encourages bugs and mold even in the winter, both of which creep him out. I’ve been designated the official bug slaughterer. The closets are interesting at best, but the kitchen and bathrooms are new. We have a screened-in porch on the back with a little yard. It has hardwood floors everywhere with a gorgeous staircase. I’ll try and post pictures of the inside sometime. Right now I don’t know where my camera is, so it’ll have to wait. Maybe around the holidays some will sneak out. Granted I came from the tiniest one bedroom apartment and a bedroom in my parents’ house, but this house is perfect. I can’t wait to start hanging curtains and getting real non-college furniture to fill it up.

So far I’ve gotten my kitchen mostly put together. All my dishes have been washed and put away, although my counters aren’t even close to being useable yet. Our clothes did not make it out of boxes before we left to visit family. I think they’ve multiplied while in storage. Somehow DH and I made due with one decent-sized closet and one dresser in the apartment, but I don’t know how separate closets and the same dresser are going to work now. After making a suitcase work for so long, do I even need that many shirts? Most everything else is out of boxes but not necessarily put anywhere. We are missing two very vital pieces to our futon…the only main piece of furniture in our living room. You always lose something I guess.

Before we left for the family visit, I got the washer and dryer ordered. They only deliver to the post on certain days so I have to wait until the 17th to get them. Ugh. I got permission from the housing people to put in a fence for the dog that will be joining us at Christmas. I also put in a work order for the porch light that I yanked off the side of the house trying to change the light bulb. Oops.

I picked up a catalog for curtains…my grammy’s Christmas gift to me. I’ve been perusing it when I have the time. I’m thinking pale green for the living/dining room. I’m a freak for anything blue, so it may be the only non-blue room in the house. Before my family shows up for Christmas, I have to get some kind of furniture to eat and sit on downstairs and a guest bed upstairs. The fence has to go in and a doggie door installed on the porch. The mountain of clothes has to be put away too, but that’s just a personal goal.

I don’t think we realized how much it was feeling like home already until we left. We’re both missing our mostly empty house so much. DH is talking about heading back on Monday. He has to show up and report for duty, so our month of sleeping in, running errands, and working on the house has to come to an end. It went by so fast!


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