Status: T Minus 2 Weeks

Holy crap!  2 weeks, people!!  It hit me this morning in the shower that it’s not just two weeks until I get my wonderful hubs again.  I’m PCSing in two weeks too.  Yikes.  How did this escape me?  I’ve been thinking about buying a washer and dryer, thinking about how I want to decorate, thinking about ways to dogify my house and yard, but all that didn’t translate into moving.  It was just daydreaming about a future, abstract house that never seemed to materialize.  I have so much to do…

Before I get all worked up and stressed over what I need to accomplish before the two weeks are up, let’s review what I have done over the last nine months on my own.

  1. I helped my mom with her recovery from surgery.
  2. I went to the gym regularly for months, improved my running distance, and bench pressed like a gazillion pounds.
  3. I moved our stuff out of storage and started the PCS process from our old home.
  4. I went downtown and researched at the National Archives.
  5. I finished my regular school work.
  6. I spent three amazing weeks with my best friend and welcomed her chubby baby boy into the world.
  7. I visited my grandparents for two more weeks.
  8. I got my driver’s license!!
  9. I finally packed up my old prom dresses and donated them to charity.  My mom’s been begging me to do that for years.
  10. I have collected medical, dental, ect. records.
  11. I established this blog and met some really great blog friends in the process.
  12. I looked up Tricare rules for mental health care and looked up eligible psychotherapists at my new duty station.
  13. I have applied for two potential jobs that I would love to have.
  14. I went to the dentist.
  15. I sorted through and chose Christmas ornaments from my mom’s collection to start my own decoration stash.
  16. I fought with government storage to get our stuff left in storage until we get there.

See, that’s a lot.  Now for the stuff that has to get finished in the next couple weeks.

  1. I need to finish the first draft of my thesis and get it turned in.
  2. I need to get all my library books back to their respective libraries.  I have totally packed library books before, and it will never happen again.
  3. I need to make temporary housing reservations.
  4. I need to have lunch with my cousin who lives in the area.  We’ve been saying we were going to do this since I got here.
  5. I need to prioritize all my stuff and pack what I must have over the next couple months.  I acquired way too many shoes and books while I was here.  At least it was the two most important things in life, right?
  6. I need to go to the chiropractor one more time.
  7. I want to finish my rubber ducky cross stitch project, so I can hang it in my bathroom when I get there.

See, that list was way shorter.  Granted, there are some big things on that list, but the reward for getting them all done is a huge, real life hug from my sweetie.  Thank goodness my favorite tv shows are going on hiatus until baseball is over.  I don’t need any distractions.








Finding my moving groove this morning to Brad Paisley’s “The World.”


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