Toothbrush Wisdom

I had to chuckle to myself today.  A little over a week ago Matt was ruminating over when someone truly becomes an adult because at 18, there’s still so much he’s not allowed to do.  I thought of him today as I went to the dentist and sat there while being chastised for not flossing daily.  (Who really does that, anyway?  I bet dentists don’t even do it every day.)  You become an adult when you have to call, schedule, and actually drag yourself to icky things like the dentist.

One of my old bosses from my first grown-up job told me that.  Later that afternoon I realized that I would never have another dentist appointment unless I did it myself.  No more Mom just letting me know it was time to go.  Every time I’ve gone to the dentist since then I laugh a little.  And I secretly smile because being a full-fledged adult is still in the new phase for me, and I’m a little excited to be doing it myself.  It’s not enough to make the dentist fun, but not even a cool, new green toothbrush can do that.


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