Status: T Minus…Go Time!!

It’s down to the holy-cow-I’m-about-to-lose-it time. DH will be here any time, and the driving, unpacking, and ACTUALLY MOVING will commence. I am about to lose it, but not all in a bad way. There’s a lot to do, and I’m more afraid I’m going to forget something that has to get done once we’re there. I’m also just super, super excited that I’m going to get DH back, even if it’s for a short time. Squeezing, cuddling, smooching, and giggling will all occur. (You have been warned.) I’m thrilled that I’m going to get a house that’s all my own. I can’t wait to get to know my new city and learn the layout of the commissary and finally get back into the workforce. I’ve done it. A whole year of being displaced and waiting is finally over.

That being said, I have to get my bum in gear. No packing has occurred. None. I haven’t even washed my clothes. I have collected all the important paperwork and made an important stuff folder. Any PCSing spouse will tell you that the important stuff folder is their ticket anywhere. Lose it and you might as well give up. Nothing will keep me from getting a house in a few days. This folder will be glued to me at all times.

Thrown into the mix is this Super Rad’s deployment is ending, and he’ll be back stateside in the next few weeks. I made my hotel reservations for a chunk of time since I don’t know the exact day he’ll be here. Hopefully DH and I’ll be able to make it. We have no idea how this PCS is going to go, so it all depends on what we find when we get there.

I’m so incredibly happy that my brother will be home finally. It’s been a bit difficult too because DH is probably deploying shortly. That gripping fear is ending for my parents, but for me it’s really not. It makes me feel so alone in this process. A spouse is different than a sibling or a child. My mom has been trying to prep me for being down there, like her mentioning the aloneness now is going to help me from losing ground and returning to that weirdo who never leaves their home. Honestly, I can’t stand her trying to help. She didn’t even know about all the bad stuff when it was going on, and now she’s talking like she has expert knowledge on what happened. Ugh. I’d rather be alone than be surrounded by people who in trying to be nice actually make it worse.

I went to look at curtains tonight! I know I don’t even have windows yet, but I am so freaking excited to be getting a house!! Target has a really nice selection. I was thinking green and maybe brown for the living room, but they have gorgeous plum curtains. I could be persuaded. I have zero purple things, but I have a odd mixture of dorm furniture for a one room apartment so my things aren’t finding a good place in my daydreams of a beautifully decorated new home.

Which brings me to my next worry—moolah. I don’t know how we’re going to afford all the stuff that we have to get. DH thinks we need a new car. My curtains are going to get place way, way on the back burner. I’ve made tentative plans to have my family down to my new house for Christmas this year, and I want so badly for my house to look like it’s somewhat put together. I know they don’t care, but I do. First things first I guess.

I’ve been applying for a few jobs too. Some I’d love to get and others that I could tolerate because the salary is decent. No bites yet, but I’m not discouraged. I’ve got lots to do, and not having to worry about starting work the first week I’m there is making it a tad easier. Not helping with money worries, but oh well. I’ll get there eventually. I think some people are turned off because my address is not a local one. I don’t blame them for not wanting to hire someone so far away, especially for just a normal job. Once I get a local address hopefully my resumes won’t look so scary.

Did I mention we’re thinking about driving back to DH’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving? Yeah, let’s just squeeze that into the mix! But I’ve got stuff in their garage that I want, so I’m not complaining. ALL my stuff may potentially be under one roof, MINE, within the month. Don’t want to jinx it quite yet, but oh my gosh I could cry.

Sigh, this is going to be one heck of a roller coaster, but I can’t wait.


Close Enough To Taste It

Hear that?  It’s the sound of exuberant relief.  I turned in the first draft of my thesis this afternoon.  Sigh…  I am so close to being finished.

I was so excited to turn it in today that I forgot to attach my bibliography.  Oops…hehe.  I called everyone I knew.  No one was available to talk.  Clearly they do not have the same priorities as I do, geeze.  To be perfectly honest, when I’m getting close to a deadline and really engrossed in a paper, hygiene suffers.  I get the basics.  My teeth are always clean.  My clothes and hair–not so much.  It’s nasty.  I’m not proud.  Think of it as part of the creative process.  I took the longest shower I could today to celebrate.  Double sigh…  No wonder people were avoiding me.

I’m really proud of the paper I turned in today.  It’s certainly not the final.  My footnotes and bibliography are still rough, and I know my advisor will have comments and areas for me to smooth out.  The main effort is done though.  My mom is a profession editor, and I’m so lucky because she wants to poor over every comma and pronoun usage.  I’ll repay her with dazzling facts about the Post Office’s reliance on the military during the building of the West.  See, you’re mouth is watering right now in anticipation of more.

It’s alright.  I won’t be offended if you’re actually looking for an exit.  I know that there only a few people nerdy enough to be intrigued by that statement.  It’s a lonely life.  Hehe.

My brother asked me a few months ago about my topic.  We chatted.  He attempted to convince how dull it was.  I told him I’d give him a copy of the final version for Christmas since he seemed so intrigued.  He told me he would give me a gift equally as valuable if I tried it.  Somehow I don’t think he was envisioning priceless gems or solid gold toothpicks like I was.

I’m going to give it a day or two and then dive back in.  I need to start polishing the footnotes and finalizing my bibliography.  I kind of like that part, so I not quite looking forward to it but I’m not dreading it either.  In a few days, maybe by next Monday, my advisor will have comments.  The first hurdle is past though.

Closer To A First Draft

I finished writing my skeleton draft today.  It’s 39 1/2-40 pages.  I’m too tired and annoyed with working with this material to be happy.  The draft is very rough, mostly just the bare bones of paragraphs minus the topic sentences and thesis related junk.  My footnotes are about in the same shape.  Nothing peeves me more than unfinished footnotes, so I think that’s going to be my next task.  Revising, revising, revising over the next few days.  My advisor told me my outline tended to get off topic…yesterday as I was finishing my last two topics.  Arg.  That just tells me I need to do more revising than I thought, and I’m so not looking forward to it.  First hurdle down though.  I’ve got to keep my head in the game and finish this monster with full strength.  No half-assing now.

Status: T Minus Single Digits

I think every soldier or their family has muttered at some point, “Ugh…civilians.”  And it’s not that we dislike them.  I myself am one.  But for working on a military installation only for soldiers and their families, they can at times be really irritating.  It’s the curtness.  The you’re-wasting-my-time attitude.  The apparent lack of understanding for how the military works–when they are there solely to help military personnel.  Can I just get a straight answer to my question please?

Since I am down to single digits, I was finishing up all my calls and preparations for PCS things I started over a month ago.  Yes, they’ve taken that long.  We finally know what day exactly we’re getting to the new base, so I called the temporary living facility (TLF) to make reservations until we get our house.  Not only did the lady on the phone act completely bored with my questions, she told me they were unavailable, and I needed to fill out some mumble-mumble form that I didn’t catch.  Of course I do.  When I asked if there weren’t rooms available for the entire time or just part of the time I got a big pause and a repeat of “you need some mumble-mumble form.”  Since the lady sounded exasperated, I kindly hung up.  So now after a 14 hour drive, I get to look forward to filling out still unknown forms when I get there late at night only to be redirected to another hotel off base.

Next I called storage.  I submitted my extension for storage form a month in advance like the nice (truly) man told me to do back in July.  I called to check on it two weeks later to find out that it had been denied.  They didn’t want to pay.  Well, I don’t want to be without my household goods, but I don’t have a choice in the matter.  I got the form resubmitted and the nice guy told me he’d call me.  He didn’t call.  Do they ever call?  I called him–everyday for two weeks.  Either no one answered the phone or no one could find my file because the nice man was gone.  Sigh.  My storage expired.  I finally got ahold of the nice man today.  After tracking down my file again, he said my storage had been redenied.  Apparently the orders that I submitted with my storage extension form were too small to read.  Silence.  They’re military orders.  They all look the same.  I have no control how they are given to me, what they say, or when I get them.  Wouldn’t civilians who work with such orders everyday know this?  The nice man walked my re-resubmitted extension form up for re-reapproval.  He called me back.  I got until January.  This man should be knighted.

My last call was to housing.  I called months ago to check on the status of a waiting list.  I was told there was a short one, about a week long, and that I should call back about a week before arriving to check.  On my call today, I could get from no one a definitive status of the waiting list.  Housing on base goes by mostly rank, marital status, and number of kids, so there may be a wait list for some ranks and not for others.  I was told they have some keys (what ranks was still kept classified), but that I should fill out an application.  That way I could be called if housing wasn’t available when I show up.  I don’t want to be called.  I want a house, and if I have to wait for one, I want to make that wait as short as possible.  Sigh.  I hung up with an appointment to see a very perky lady once I get down there.  Maybe then the secrets of the wait list will be revealed.

Status: T Minus 2 Weeks

Holy crap!  2 weeks, people!!  It hit me this morning in the shower that it’s not just two weeks until I get my wonderful hubs again.  I’m PCSing in two weeks too.  Yikes.  How did this escape me?  I’ve been thinking about buying a washer and dryer, thinking about how I want to decorate, thinking about ways to dogify my house and yard, but all that didn’t translate into moving.  It was just daydreaming about a future, abstract house that never seemed to materialize.  I have so much to do…

Before I get all worked up and stressed over what I need to accomplish before the two weeks are up, let’s review what I have done over the last nine months on my own.

  1. I helped my mom with her recovery from surgery.
  2. I went to the gym regularly for months, improved my running distance, and bench pressed like a gazillion pounds.
  3. I moved our stuff out of storage and started the PCS process from our old home.
  4. I went downtown and researched at the National Archives.
  5. I finished my regular school work.
  6. I spent three amazing weeks with my best friend and welcomed her chubby baby boy into the world.
  7. I visited my grandparents for two more weeks.
  8. I got my driver’s license!!
  9. I finally packed up my old prom dresses and donated them to charity.  My mom’s been begging me to do that for years.
  10. I have collected medical, dental, ect. records.
  11. I established this blog and met some really great blog friends in the process.
  12. I looked up Tricare rules for mental health care and looked up eligible psychotherapists at my new duty station.
  13. I have applied for two potential jobs that I would love to have.
  14. I went to the dentist.
  15. I sorted through and chose Christmas ornaments from my mom’s collection to start my own decoration stash.
  16. I fought with government storage to get our stuff left in storage until we get there.

See, that’s a lot.  Now for the stuff that has to get finished in the next couple weeks.

  1. I need to finish the first draft of my thesis and get it turned in.
  2. I need to get all my library books back to their respective libraries.  I have totally packed library books before, and it will never happen again.
  3. I need to make temporary housing reservations.
  4. I need to have lunch with my cousin who lives in the area.  We’ve been saying we were going to do this since I got here.
  5. I need to prioritize all my stuff and pack what I must have over the next couple months.  I acquired way too many shoes and books while I was here.  At least it was the two most important things in life, right?
  6. I need to go to the chiropractor one more time.
  7. I want to finish my rubber ducky cross stitch project, so I can hang it in my bathroom when I get there.

See, that list was way shorter.  Granted, there are some big things on that list, but the reward for getting them all done is a huge, real life hug from my sweetie.  Thank goodness my favorite tv shows are going on hiatus until baseball is over.  I don’t need any distractions.








Finding my moving groove this morning to Brad Paisley’s “The World.”

Status: T minus 20ish

I’ve been working my bum off this past week.  I’m 4,772 words into my thesis, which is a little over a third of the way there.  I’ve been just throwing words on the paper and will organize the whole thing later.  Because there’s so much information, I need to get all the facts there, so I can revise like crazy and add in all the cosmetic, thesis-related sentences in there.  I usually don’t write this way, so it’s a little wierd.  My advisor wants me to look at a few other sources about public policy and redo my thesis statement, so that’s my weekend plans.  His area of expertise is the Civil War and public policy, so I’m not surprised, but it was a really good idea that will help my paper tons.  Once I’ve got that done, I can relate all the facts that I’m writing now to my revised thesis.  No point to really do it twice.

So things are moving along.  I’m really happy with my progress so far, and I’m getting anxious to get to the revising part.  I’m so close to the end of this degree!  It sucks that I’ve got to research a few more sources…thought I was passed that…but I guess that’s part of the process.  See where there are holes and fill them as you go.  I’m on track to have some sort of a complete draft in two weeks, although with the change in advisors I have more time if I need it.  I’m working so hard, I hope I don’t need it!






In the zone with my research and rocking to Ladyhawke‘s “My Delirium.”

Toothbrush Wisdom

I had to chuckle to myself today.  A little over a week ago Matt was ruminating over when someone truly becomes an adult because at 18, there’s still so much he’s not allowed to do.  I thought of him today as I went to the dentist and sat there while being chastised for not flossing daily.  (Who really does that, anyway?  I bet dentists don’t even do it every day.)  You become an adult when you have to call, schedule, and actually drag yourself to icky things like the dentist.

One of my old bosses from my first grown-up job told me that.  Later that afternoon I realized that I would never have another dentist appointment unless I did it myself.  No more Mom just letting me know it was time to go.  Every time I’ve gone to the dentist since then I laugh a little.  And I secretly smile because being a full-fledged adult is still in the new phase for me, and I’m a little excited to be doing it myself.  It’s not enough to make the dentist fun, but not even a cool, new green toothbrush can do that.

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