Guess Where I Was Today?

book festival


Here!  (Cool poster, huh?)

My mom and I packed our backpack full of books and went down to D.C. today for the National Book Festival.  We were so excited.  We waited hours and hours to have our books signed and got to listen to them speak later in the day.  There was an impressive list of authors attending this year.  I could have listened to so many authors and would have loved to get some of my past favorites signed from when I was a kid, but I had to prioritize.  Judy Blume and Lois Lowry were there!  Ahh!!!

I was so excited to see Tim O’Brien.  The Things They Carried moved me so much the first time I read it.  I have a copy packed away, and I didn’t want to rebuy it, so I settled for Lake of the Woods instead.  I haven’t read it yet, so I’m excited to see what a non-war novel of his is like.  He read from a piece he’s working on right now about his son.  He had a really hard time getting through it, and it brought tears to my eyes.  I hope he publishes it.  It was intensely personal, but he’s such an amazing writer.

The bummer was that it rained most of the afternoon.  We came home wet, tired, and hungry.  I stood in line no less than 2 hours at a time to get my book autographed.  I stood in line for two books for my mom too, so it was a lot of waiting in the rain.  Personally, it was totally worth it, and I had a great time.  So glad I went.


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