I’m Starting the Hunt

I just started my job search at our upcoming duty station.  I’ve glanced at the classifieds a few times over the summer, but now it’s down to real looking.  I’m unimpressed.  Museums and archives are not an easy field to get into, and once you’re in you don’t really move around much.  That is going to be oh so helpful once we start PCSing consistently.

It’s coming at a good time though.  Right as we get there, I should be finishing up my thesis.  I won’t graduate until next June, but all my coursework will be finished.  Hopefully that’ll open up another level of possible jobs since I’ll be super smart–at least on paper.  I’m a bit anxious though.  I’m going to be so disappointed if I have to take a job that either has nothing to do with my degree or is way below my new education just to get a job.  What did I work so hard for the past year and half if it’s not getting me anywhere?  In this economy, can I afford to be picky?

One of my hugest beefs with the military is their attitude toward working spouses.  They appear to seem very concerned.  They suggest ways to word applications and resumes that downplay the constant moving.  Most installations also have classifieds for local and on base jobs.  But there’s my problem.  The list consists of openings at the commissary, Starbucks, and daycare centers.  They encourage women left at home while their man is out to war to take courses for dental or legal assistant.  Umm…what about all us wives who are kick ass smarter than our military husbands?  What about us who want an actual career where we could possibly make more than our warrior breadwinners?  I understand that many wives have kids, and if their husbands are often gone, they need something that is more conducive to school schedules or toddlers.  But the answer is Starbucks?  Or home daycare where the women then never get to leave the confines of their government issued dwelling or have a conversation above the five year old level?

I know I will have to move often to follow my soldier, and I’m ok with that, but I fully anticipate looking for real, full-time, fulfilling work.  And I’m determined to do it even more now to prove the damn military wrong.  I’ll settle for some job that isn’t my favorite or doesn’t perfectly fit my degree before I become the waitress at the bowling alley.  Ugh, it steams my broccoli just thinking about it.

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