A Distraction From Research

Yesterday was my last day reseraching.  Thank goodness!  Unfortunately it wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, and it was all around a frustrating, long day.  Fan-flippin-tastic, but I’m done with the hard stuff.  Here’s the update:

  1. Secondary sources (monographs) from the library–collected, 35-40% notes taken
  2. Secondary sources (journal articles) from scholarly databases–collected, 30-40% notes taken
  3. Primary sources @ Smithsonian Postal Archives–done!
  4. Primary sources @ National Archives (Civil War papers)–done!
  5. Primary sources @ National Archives (Postal Deptartment papers)–done!
  6. Primary sources @ National Archives (Legislative papers)–done!
  7. Secondary sources @ National Archives (Government serial set)–99% completed

On a completely unrelated topic, I bought my first piece of true art yesterday.  I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, and I don’t exactly have the money for it, but I didn’t want to pass it up.  It’s by a Mongolian artists, Damba Tsolmon.  He paints traditionally Mongolian scenes of nomadic, Asian life.  My painting has a warrior on a horse.  It looks similar to this:


It’s on beige-ish linen.  Gorgeous.  I thought it was a nice way to illustrate a little the military historian in me.  (Man, I’m a nerd.)  One day, I’d like to get at least one more as a partner for it, but I need more money before I do that.  When I get a bedroom, I want to decorate it with subtle Asian touches.  Nothing fancy.  I see it in greys and blues, and hopefully it’ll be a minimalistist, meditative, serene place.  I wanted some art in there too.  In military housing, it’ll be interesting to see how much of that comes true.  I’ve got nothing but time to dream at this point!

Next week is my last week of regular classes, I need to finish my last bit of research for this honkin’ thesis, and I’m traveling to see my grandparents and Red.  Let’s just say I’m so excited about this painting…I’m going to need a good nap after everything else.


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