Cause for Celebration!

I have a brand new cousin as of June 12th.  It’s a little girl.  Reports say that Thing 1 and momma are doing well.  Her pregnant sister, due in September, was there for her the whole time.  Her brother’s wife, also pregnant, is due in October.  My aunt is reveling in her grandma-ness right now.  Hehe…  I’ll get to see Thing 1 and maybe Thing 2 if she’s born yet in my travels later this summer.  Yay for family tonight.

I also took the plunge and got back to the gym after a hiatus of about four weeks.  I’m celebrating now, but tomorrow I’m going to be crying.  I was so proud of myself and did three miles on the treadmill along with my usual arm circuit.  I also do squats on a half stability ball that work wonders.  It’s a squishy ball on one side and has a hard plastic bottom.  I flip it over and stand on the flat side.  Squats are sent to a whole ‘nother dimension because you have to engage muscles to stay balanced on top of the squat muscles.  Tossing a medicine ball to someone while standing on it works really well too.  I’m totally expecting to be hobbling tomorrow, but it had to happen eventually.

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