Trying to Get My Neeps On

I saved my homework for the last possible hour, so now I’m stuck trying to relax and get my brain to slow down way, way later than I’d like.  I’m actually ready to go to bed tonight, so I wish I’d gotten my stuff together earlier.  Poo.

I’ve been scurrying around the last two days getting my summer travel all in order.  I am really going to be racking up the frequent flier miles in July and August.  I’m a little excited and a little nervous.  It’s a lot of money, so changing my mind halfway through isn’t an option.  I hope my tummy behaves.  Travel tends to get it all worked up.

I’ve obviously started my next class.  It’s on race and gender in military history.  So far I’m liking it.  It’s something very different from everything else I’ve studied in the program, so that’s refreshing.  I have a hard time talking, even in a scholarly manner, about women doing anything without feeling like I’m being a that woman.  I find this stuff interesting, but I hate being looked at like I’m mentioning or studying it just because I’m a woman too.  It’s even worse in the huge boy’s (maybe grandpa is more accurate) club that is military history.  That aside, I’m enjoying the material.  The course is designed a bit lighter too, so no big paper at the end.  Just several small, much more manageable assignments.  I’m so liking that!

My other big accomplishment is a new page on the blog.  I’ve been piddling with it for a few days.  It’s a brief list of the main people who wander through my posts.  It’s not exactly how I envisioned it would end up.  Too wordy maybe?  I don’t know.  But I’m happy about continuing to tweak this space.  Some day when I have time I want to create a page about DH and I’s story about how we met.  I’ve always thought it was rather unique (not bragging, honest), and I’d love to document the whole twisted thing eventually.  Remembering it when he’s away always makes me soft and gooey on the inside.  But that’s for some other day when I have way more time…and aren’t as sleepy.






Feeling my eyes get droopy with some classic Brooks and Dunn.  Those cowboys can croon me to sleep any night.


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