Missing the Cuddles Already

DH left this morning.  Sigh…I miss him already.  I caught myself aimlessly wandering earlier.  It’s a serious symptom of DH longing.  We had such a good time together.  I loved having a toasty bed every night.  We ran a lot of pointless errands, but we had lots of fun and good food while we were out and about.  It was nice to have someone around who got all my jokes.  I loved having a buddy to wash dishes with after supper.  We dreamed about our eventual free time together as we window shopped for tents and sleeping bags.  I can’t help but miss snuggling up next to him on the couch for a movie.  Unfortunately, though, our lifestyle limits when and how we can get moments like those.  We’ve certainly gotten good at maximizing out time together when we get it.  It helped this time that I was inbetween classes too.  The whole thing was still over too soon.  Poo.

I hope to work in another trip out to see him sometime before he’s done training.  November is such a long time away.  But research for school comes first, and then if we’ve got some surplus cash and a hole in our schedules I’ll go out.  Until then, nothing is left but homework and waiting on the Bag Lady, which is what I’ve taken to affectionately calling my mom and her catheter.

Drive safe, Love.


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