Sleeping Problems

DH has been here for over a week, and I’ve totally been loving cuddling up to him at night.  Sometimes when we’ve been apart for awhile crawling into bed at night is frustrating.  Suddenly I have to share the blankets and scoot back over to just my half of the bed.  I had this great, snuggly pillow fort going that I had to dismantle when he got here.  Don’t get me wrong, snuggling with DH is way better though.

We didn’t have many problems re-sharing a bed this time, which was great.  A few nights ago though, I started feeling bad.  It had nothing to do with DH; I was just…I don’t really know.  Just angry, grumpy, and upset.  Sometimes I get that way right before bedtime.  I just cannot be in bed right then.  I get desperate to be anywhere but there.  I haven’t had the problem recently, but then when I’m here by myself I can sit up on the internet or watch tv until super late and avoid the potential problem all together.  Not the best idea, I know.  Anyway, I started not feeling mentally well, and DH, who falls asleep almost instantly, wasn’t an option for help.  I’ve found rocking back and forth until I feel better sometimes works, but it wasn’t quite doing the trick that night.  Finally, I got up and laid down blankets and pillows on the floor and went to sleep.

My issue is, was it the right choice?  I have mixed feelings about it.  On one hand, I didn’t sit up all night upset.  I recognized that the situation wasn’t working for me and I changed it.  On the other hand, I didn’t find out why I was upset or fix it.  I temporarily avoided the issue by sleeping on the floor.  Which is better?  I’m not really sure.  I wish I could ask a therapist what her thoughts are.  I’ve broached the occational sleeping problem with one before but only slightly.  We never really got to an answer because it got brought up with something else that was more important at the time.  If I had to pick one, I would go with it being a good choice.  I feel better about it.  No, it didn’t solve anything, but I did something and it wasn’t harmful.  For me, that’s good enough.


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