The Patient’s Vitals

My mom’s doing really well.  She came home from the hospital about mid-day Saturday.  She has a slew of medications to take everyday, but her appetite is slowly returning and she’s walking more and more.  Everyone in the house has shifting their schedules to make sure that someone is always at home to fill her water cups and help lift things when needed.  We’re settling in to our temporary routines for the next six weeks.  As long as that time stays just as uneventful and infection free as these first few days have been, we’ll be fine.

In other news, DH is home for the next week and a half.  He got here Saturday evening.  His warm bum in bed combined with all the energy I’ve been giving to taking care of my mom has made me sleep like a rock the past few nights.  I’m so happy to know that he’s going to be here longer than a weekend this time.  I’ll take every good night’s sleep I can get.  Snuggles aren’t too shabby either.

DH and I ran to the mall this afternoon.  We just wanted to get out of the house for a little bit since my dad was home.  I realized that my one and only pair of shorts that got put into suitcases before the big move was too small this morning.  Arg…major fat moment.  It’s not that I outgrew them exactly.  (Sounds a lot like denial…)   I hadn’t exactly worn them in several years.  I’m not a big shorts fan.  Capris I can do, but shorts make me self-conscious.  Taking advantage of all the Memorial Day sales, I got two pair of Bermuda shorts.  I like them because they’re longer.  I don’t need my bum hanging out the back of shorts no matter how long I spend in the gym.  Plus those short shorts make me feel like I’m trying to dress like I’m 14.  I shamefully admit that I still shop in the juniors department when I’m ten years older than that.  It’s not that I especially like those styles.  They just fit me.  The missus and womens departments have clothes that are cut for different, post-child bodies.  I’m too tall for the petite departments, and struggle to find smaller sizes in the grown up womens’ clothes.  Here within the last year or so I’ve been feeling the need to dress a little older or at least distance myself from the high school and early college fashions.  It’s been difficult.  Luckily I had success today!

Other than that, not much has been going on.  I’m in between classes, so I have a lot of free time to do all sorts of things that I usually can’t.  I wrote a bunch of letters so friends while I was at the hospital.  I started a rather scarey, semi-vampire book called Fangland by John Marks.  It is not the traditional vampire story, but I’m enjoying it.  I’ll have to let you know what I think of it after I’m done.  I started a small cross stitch project too.  It’s a 5″x7″ cute little thing.  It’s on light blue aida cloth and has a dolphin lounging with a lei and sunglasses on.  He’s sitting in an inner tube shaped like a duck.  In the empty space surrounded by bubbles it says “When life gives you troubles…blow bubbles!”  I love rubber duckies and plan on decorating my bathroom with them whenever I get a bathroom of my own.  I want to hang this up in there too.  I guess I’ve been rather busy, especially combined with Mom’s surgery and DH coming home.  I kinda hate to think that school will be starting up again.  All this fun stuff has to disappear again.  Better go enjoy it while it lasts.


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