Hospital Update

I’m at the hospital catching a few minutes of quite while my mom takes a nap.  I’ve been here every afternoon taking over from my dad who pulls the morning shift.  It’s been exhausting, and I’m not even the sick one in the room.

Medically, she’s doing well.  No complications have arisen.  She’s getting weaned off of liquid pain killers and iv fluids tonight in preparation for tomorrow morning’s departure.  She’s started some solid foods today too.  She says the pain had decreased although she’s having really bad bladder spasms on and off.  The big concern yesterday was for her to have a bowel movement and gas.  The doctors wanted to make sure there wasn’t a microscopic hole in her rectum area.  It came and went without complications, but it was excruciatingly painful.  It made her very scared and tired.  Emotionally, she’s horrible right now.  Exhaustion has made her start having panic attacks that keep her from resting like she should.  The heavy duty pain killers are adding to the drastic mood swings.  It’s been tough.

She’s going to have to have a catheter in for six weeks with very minimal movement to give her bladder time to heal.  I’m so glad I get to be here to help out.  Surprisingly, it’s been a really rewarding experience.  Today I washed my mom’s hair, and I help her into her blood clot stockings every evening before I leave.  She’s been asking for me to do thing for her rather than my dad.  It’s way more tiring than I thought, but I feel way more capable and confident in my abilities.  I’ve been watering her plants at home, making supper, giving the dog attention, and cleaning.  It’s all keeping me hopping.

DH is getting leave through the 4th of June.  It was perfect timing.  I feel like I can help my mom better if I can recharge my batteries better every night.  I never thought we’d get to see each other so much during this period.  I definitely makes the separation easier and helps me stay mentally balanced.  I fear that his leave is going to be quite boring, but at least he can sleep in a good bed and have good meals for a few days.


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