Not So Good News

Today was a long and not so fun day.  My mother was scheduled for a hysterectomy this morning.  She doesn’t have cancer, but we have a crappy family history and has been experiencing more and more problems recently.  It was totally preventative, but it’s still surgery.  The recovery is long and not so great, and there’s always risks.  She went into it this morning optimistic, but the surgery didn’t go well.  One of the major risks is that the bladder can get nicked since it’s so close to all the important parts that are being removed.  Her bladder not only got nicked, it got severely torn at an angle which made it very hard to fix.  An hour long surgery turned into about five hours.  It’s never a good sign when the doctors are nervous.  My mom’s going to be in the hospital much longer than expected, and her recovery is going to be much harder too.  Not a good day all around.

I’ve known this surgery was coming up for a few months, and I wanted to be here for moral support.  I’m way happier about being here now though.  My dad will have to go back to work next week, and I’m gald that I can be here to help out.  I can lift stuff and cook and make sure the dog is fed and walked.  Plus, even while my mom was all looped up on pain killers she said she was so happy we’ve been going to the gym before all this.  Victory!

I hope this works itself out.  No more complications or surprises.  I’m ready to play nurse for the next six weeks.  Bring. It. On.

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